In almost every case, a suppressor is an afterthought to a weapon system. With the TASD, we wanted to approach the system from the other direction and incorporate the suppressor into the entire design.

The TASD is a culmination of everything we have learned over the course of years of troubleshooting and building the AR platform. As we have tuned ARs for suppressor use with almost every suppressor on the market, we have gathered a significant amount of data on what works and what doesn’t. Each and every host and silencer is slightly different, requiring different configurations depending on multiple factors. By understanding how each suppressor affects different systems, we were able to pick a favorite and work backwards from there.

The primary goal of the TASD is to provide an extremely durable and reliable system that also extremely easy to shoot. We wanted to take advantage of all of the positives of shooting suppressed and mitigate as many of the negatives as possible.

The suppressor was chosen for its good suppression characteristics, light weight, and reasonable size, you can learn more about the Hyperion K here.

The direct thread taper mount was utilized to prevent gas leakage, ensure proper suppressor alignment, and prevent it from backing off during use. It also reduces the overall weight and length compared to QD systems but is still easily removed for maintenance.

The barrel and gas system are designed specifically with the suppressor in mind, featuring a 5/8×24 thread and taper that matches the Hyperion. The extra material at the muzzle also prevents stress on the bore, ensuring better accuracy.

The BCG is required to meet hard-use standards, featuring proof and MPI testing and all mil-spec or better dimensions. The experience we have gained through servicing nearly every make and model of AR on the market gives us unique insight into what that term actually means and what makes a really good BCG. You wont find a shiny coating covering up sloppy dimensions just as a selling point.

The TASD will be available both as an upper half, including the suppressor, or as a full pistol/rifle. If you are interested in the system, join our waitlist below to be notified when they are available and as always, if you have questions about the system you can reach out to us at

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